Visa by post service

This page will allow the citizens of EU to apply for a visa to Russia without a personal visit to Russia visa application centre. For citizens of other countries – please contact Russia visa application centre in advance.

Before making your application online, please read carefully the instructions below:

  1. This service grants you an opportunity to submit your tourist or business visa application online if you are not able to visit the Russia visa application centre in person.
  2. Please note, that this service is temporarily available for tourist and business visas only.
  3. How does it work?
    • Please check the requirements to the tourist or business visa processing times and visa and service fees.
    • Register to the service with your personal email.
    • Press Create new application.
    • Provide your name and address details for the delivery and tracking.
    • Attach copies of documents required for this visa type. For more information, visit the Tourist or/ Business visa section of this website. Please note, that only a complete set of documents could be accepted for processing.
    • You can submit applications for a maximum 5 persons at once.
    • Make a payment of necessary consular, service and postal delivery fees once submitting your application. Please check the payment methods and conditions in our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy section of this website.
    • After the submission, you will get an email confirmation and a payment receipt.
    • Your application along with the attachments will be checked by the visa application centre staff, and you will get a confirmation.
    • When you get a confirmation, please send your documents by urgent post service (for tracking purposes) including passport, application form, photo etc. addressed to the Russia visa application centre mentioned in your email confirmation.
    • Processing of your visa application starts when the Russia visa application centre receives all the documents and applicable fees.
    • During the processing time, you will receive a few emails confirming your application status.
    • After your application is processed, Russia visa application centre will send your passport back to you with urgent postal service. Postal delivery is included in this service.
    • When your passport is dispatched for delivery, you will get an email with the link and reference number to track your envelope.